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This Influencer Agreement will govern your participation in the Bailey Ray & Co Brand Ambassador Program. By clicking “Accept,” or similar acceptance box in any other language, you agree that the effective date of this Agreement is the date on which you click “Accept.” To print a copy of this Agreement, use your browser’s Print command.


In consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements contained herein and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties, intending to be legally bound, agree as follows:

  1. Discount Code. Bailey Ray and Co agrees to issue a one-time store credit to the Influencer (you) that will allow a discount on our website, through a personalized discount code. Your Partner Program representative will discuss with you the amount of this credit.
  2. Use Code within Month of Receipt. Influencer (“you”) agrees to use the credit within the month of receipt to order items of your choosing within our site, unless otherwise stated.
  3. Create Original Content. Once you receive the item(s), you agree to create genuine, original content using the item in a tastefully arranged photograph or set of photographs.
  4. Social Media Platforms. You may chat with our team as to which social media platform you will be focusing your Influencer campaign towards. Once the two parties have decided which platform/s you will be posting to, simply follow the different requirements applied to each specific platform:Pinterest. If you are posting on Pinterest, Moorea Seal requests that any creative content link back to
  5. Instagram. If you are posting on Instagram, Moorea Seal requests a photo that prominently features the item(s), styled as you wish, linking to @mooreaseal, using the hashtag #mooreaseal, and including text similar to “find this ___________ at” in the caption.
  6. Facebook. If you are posting on Facebook, Moorea Seal requests that you use one or more images of the item(s) you purchased with your credit along with at least 1 full sentence about the item and your experience with it in the caption. You are also requested to include a link to
  7. Twitter. If you are posting on Twitter, Moorea Seal requests that you post at least one image of your item(s) and hashtag #mooreaseal.
  8. Blog. If you are posting on your own blog, Moorea Seal requests that you post at least one image of your item(s) styled as you wish (but preferably 3 images), along with a genuine post about your opinion of the item(s), our style and our store. Be sure to include a link to
  9. Post Within Month of Receipt of Code. Your post must be made within the month of your receipt of your Moorea Seal store credit. You must complete your agreed-upon post and reporting within the month in order to remain on our list of Influencers and receive another store-credit code for the following month.
  10. Email Posted Content. After you complete your agreed-upon post with your item(s) from Moorea Seal, we request that you send a direct link to the material, and/or a screenshot(s) of your completed material to so that we may track your progress and keep you in the program in subsequent months. In the alternative, credit for that month's post will be given if a hashtag #mooreaseal is included in your Instagram post.
  11. Continuation of Program. Moorea Seal agrees to continue the Influencer Program as long as budget and business planning allows, and will notify all Influencers of any change. Moorea Seal reserves the right to discontinue the program, remove members of the program or deactivate store credit codes at any time.
  12. Continuation of Participation. Following this process is the best way to ensure your participation as an Influencer for the following month. Three (3) instances of failing to post after redeeming your Influencer Code for that month will result in removal from the Moorea Seal Influencer Program. We reserve the right to discontinue your participation if you do not follow the procedures.

Product Content 

For any data, content, and images provided by you or accessed by Moorea Seal (directly or indirectly through your social media channels) in connection with the Partner/Affiliate Program (collectively, “Product Content”), including photos, videos, and Product Listing content, you specifically give us the following permission: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any Product Content in connection with the Moorea Seal Partner/Affiliate Program.

Prohibited Activities

Discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability or any other unlawful basis under applicable law



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