Why Change a Good Thing?

My vision for Bailey ray and co.

We have remained loyal to selling Levis for many years but have recently began the process of starting our own brand. You may have noticed that I have officially began our liquidation sale to make room for some such new inventory coming in hot. The samples are set to be delivered tomorrow! Below are my....

My thoughts on the past...

When I began Bailey Ray and Co. back in 2014, I was almost a graduate of Truman State and wanted to make some extra income while finishing up my final semesters of college.  I knew I had the ability to embellish shorts beautifully, but I needed to figure out a way to use my rare sewing abilities to my own advantage; almost as a way to separate myself from other vintage Levi vendors. After months of direct messages from girls requesting custom hems, lengths, washes, and personal measurements, I knew it was time for my shop to become a "custom made shorts" vendor. 

After months of practice, I finally learned to adjust shorts to match unique measurements, cut jeans for custom hem lengths and adjust the amount of distressing to each customer's liking. Before I knew it, Bailey Ray had found its niche! Why not make uniquely shaped shorts for the millions of girls in need of amazing shorts to fit their amazingly unique figure. Here are Bailey Ray, we celebrate our customers just as they are; curves (or no curves) and all.

                             Gorgeous Brie in her...
                              custom made shorts!

to make changes for our future.

As my shop continued to grow, I quickly discovered with girls love about Levi shorts:

  • They're high waisted
  • They're an American classic
  • 501s with button flys
  • Backs include a gorgeous patch and that iconic red tab
But as time went on, I also heard so much negative feedback on their many cons:
  • Very little stretch
  • Very straight fit; too tight on rears and loose in the waist
  • Patches eventually crumble off
  • "Wedgie fit" just becomes uncomfortable; ie. they ride up 
It has been the years of feedback I have directly received from customers that has led me to create Bailey Ray and Co. shorts. Every pair will be all hand made from Bailey Ray and Co. jeans, this way, they're still personalized by every customer and made with measurements we have collected and averaged over the years 

Stay tuned :) 

Ali Berry

Owner of Bailey Ray and Co. based in St. Louis, Missouri

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